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Dragon flies were a lot of fun growing up with.

I remember running after them, catching them, watching them eat their own tails, and letting them fly with a piece of thread tied to their tails. What I never realized is that they had a wide smiley face and carried a lot of grace in all their postures. But with an SLR in my hand, sitting at the bank of Khowpasi Hydropower Dam side, I could feel them playing with each other, which I later realized to be their mating rituals.

But they seem all carnivorous, with millions of tiny little teeth, and they sure can’t survive the rain, or water for that matter. But I just can’t figure why they love to fly over the waters, more than they love to fly over the land.


5 thoughts on “Dragonflies

  1. When my hubby insisted me to keep that dragonfly on my hand so that he can have a shoot of it .. i can’t say no to him but when dragonfly started moving its leg, the feeling was creepy…
    I can not predict what else i have to go through such experience ???

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