Kathmandu : Garbage Piles along the road!

Can’t help it. There’s a lump of garbage here and a truck load of garbage there across various streets, roadsides, riversides and everywhere. Its really sad to see all that garbage pile lying around the heavy traffic roads of Kathmandu.
What is worse is seeing a lot of people making their living off the wastes that is thrown on these streets.

Some collect the rags and sell them, some eat the rotten food, some use the wasted clothes there. Either way, there could be a better way for charity by consciousness. But the careless Kathmandu folks feet these poor people in the worst way possible!!!

2 thoughts on “Kathmandu : Garbage Piles along the road!

  1. Calling it an ‘art’ would be an insult to the humankind I’d say.
    But more than the government, I’d blame the local people here. For government is only as good as the people make it. Don’t you think?

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