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This is one crazy weird tree in the middle of the field, right beside the highway to our university – Kathmandu University.

I’m glad I had taken its shot those many years ago. For when I visited it a few months back, it was cut off and there were houses all over, where this tree once used to be!


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  1. Why do you need SLR when your pictures with compact cam, that too years before, are as stunning as with your SLR?

  2. Oh I need the SLR to add variety to my shots Medha. When I choose to give the lighting, focus or depth of field to my pictures – different than what the camera makers thought I’d want, and then programmed the camera to behave in a certain way!

  3. What the hell… They cut off this tree… It was the only thing that I readily comes to my mind from my numerous journey from Ktm to Dhulikehel. What are the houses doing there? Uncontrollable Urbanization of rural Nepal???

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