Watching the world go by…

I’m pretty old I think, with my 30 years behind me and a lot of reminisces to keep me smiling during recollections of the past. How prices were pretty low, how we actually PLAYED ON THE STREETS, how dad first brought the TV home, the first day at school, college, university, the first bicycle, bike, car, the first audio system, the surround system, CD player, DVD player, BluRay experience, and so forth….

Imagine my granny sitting next to me, looking at the streets totally puzzled which place she is in. When I tell here where that street actually is, she asks me to shut up and stop lying to her, c’z that concrete lane used to be a swamp during the days she actually frequented the markets – probably 50 odd years ago. I just try to imagine the changes she must have gone through as she tells me when electricity wires first reached our house, when my grandfather purchased the first wall clock, the first radio, etc.

I wonder if things keep on changing the same way, will I be able to adopt to the life 40 years from now? if I survive that age I mean… I wonder…

over a Century!

Q. Who has seen this world change by over the last century with their own eyes?
A. My Granny has!

6 thoughts on “Watching the world go by…

    • I tried asking around if it was. My little niece thinks I’m a dinosaur for all she cares, as she’s just 3 years old.
      “OLD” is a relative thing. If I see with the whole of society, I’m not old. But if I compare myself with my past, I’m always old!
      What do you think?

    • Nikesh babu, I from the bottom of my heart appreciate your feeling, your nostalgia, your attitude towards life … actually 30 is the beginning of life. It means you just started… and there is long path away to pass through along with your very close friends: hope and determination. God bless you. I am sure the beautiful future in your hand.

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