Temple Ruins …

This is a focus shift towards the ruins of a famous temple in Eastern Nepal in the Baraha Kshetra of Sunsari District.

This is one mighty popular Hindu pilgrimage I reckon. All these years growing up, my parents, uncles, grand parents – all told me how HUGE it was to be able to visit this temple of “Baraha”: the mythological avatar of Lord Vishnu (the protector) as a wild boar, who held held the world on his snout for all of us. I believe the same story is reflected as that of Atlas in the western Mythology (though characters are different, the theme is the same).

The road was rough, deadly cliffs all the way, stony and slippery path to add to the challenge, and a mighty river below the cliff that’s considered the biggest in Asia to drown you up – Koshi River!

Real triumph, I thought, when a bunch of us guys reached there one afternoon and paid our homage to the gods inside the temple. Clean area, well managed, all was good. But then there was this statue at the gates of the temple (for those of you who don’t know, there ALWAYS are two statues of relevant guardians at the gates of such temples), and one of these statue was in a pathetic broken state. When asked what happened, the priest told me a mad lady had struck it with a stone and broken it several years back.

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