The waiter from Itahari…

This guy would always wait on us in this restaurant at Hotel Tirupati – Sangeek Chowk, Itahari, Sunsari, Nepal.
This particular time, we had a FEAST in a nearby town, some of us a little drunk and noisy, and entered this restaurant pretty late at night. We knew the restaurant was closed, there was no cook and this waiter guy was already asleep.

The hour long walk along the moonlit highway path after our heavy meal had already made us hungry. When he said in the typical Eastern Nepal accent “Sir, Ke lyam?” meaning “Sir, what can I get you?”, I took this picture of him. For those of you who do not know, no restaurant serves food after 8 PM in this part of the country. The city is practically DEAD.

If you happen to pass by the location, please do visit this guy at the Tirupati Hotel and send him my regards. I know I will when I visit there next!

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