Saa Karnali

Karnali river gives you a lot of things to look at. The wilderness in it offers a vivid array of kingfishers waiting for the fish to jump over the barrage across the bridge on it at Chisapani. The wild crocodiles basking along the shores of the river. Typical yellow butterflies that love to rest in interesting clusters of a few dozens making an interesting view. A wild Rhino was on the view too once.


But what was more touching was the local fishermen throwing the net across the river in hopes of catching some fish they could sell on the highway. Local fishes sell for a high premium (fishes from fresh/cold water are considered more tasty) as compared to the fishes traded and bought from India.  This day, however, the floods ensured that the day’s catch would be lean.


The women on the river banks trying to catch shrimps and baby-fishes on their nets were on weak luck too. Will post more about them and a few pictures in my next post.
Fisherman  (4) Fisherman  (3) Fisherman  (2) Fisherman  (1)

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