Love and anger can’t live together – they say!
Then how come every happy couple fight with each other every now and then?

Why is it that I always enjoy getting grumpy with my wife and having her try hard at making it up to me?
Exactly how she tries the same with me. And we end up deeper in love each time we argue and make up.

Love feeds on a lot of things. Music, Poetry. Art. Nature. Dreams. So on….
… and I think anger fits in this picture just as well.


I was at Ilam one gloomy afternoon when the rain spoiled every hope of fresh walk along the tea gardens in Kanyam. And as I blankly stared out the window of my hotel room. I saw this pair of birds (Gauthali -we say in local language… I’ve got no idea what you call them in English). First, one posed as if it were angry with the otheset 2 130 set 2 133r… and then as if the other was angry with the first.


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