Yeah! Its Nepal.


It’s got mountains (well. you may imagine them at the back of the cameraman…)
its got rocky hills (what you see there in the picture)
Its got that typical Nepali village on it too (Traditional Huts)
And see the cliff at the right end of the hill? Well, its much deeper! around five times deeper….
and down there flows the Bhotekoshi river.


the picture was taken from the TATOPANI customs office premise on a summer morning (yeah. that’s the summer fog on that hill). There’s this hill, then the bhotekoshi river (best for rapid water rafting, and also home to one of the BEST bunjy in the world!) and then this highway (rather worn off and torn apart at several places. NOT good to go unless you have a sturdy Four Wheeler) and then this small market of KODARI.

By distance, where I stood and these houses must not be more than a few hundred meters. But by travel, I’d need more than a day to reach there. For I’d have to travel around 50 kilometers down the highway to cross the first bridge on the river and then climb the hill there, climb it down, climb another and then repeat the process several times before I reach this beautiful village. While the thought to reach there did cross my time at the moment, the idea of how much I’d have to walk killed the thought!

And if you do happen to go to Tatopani for a hot-spring bath to sooth your skin and rid of any diseases you might have (the sulfur rich water has some good effect to the skin they say!), be sure to notice this small village towards the south – east side. Its lovely!


Kodari 058-2


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