It stings real bad when you touch them!

I can’t give you the English name for it but here in Nepal, we call them Sisnu. It used to be a staple ‘vegetable’ for the poor in the village who couldn’t afford a vegetable garden of their own. They would go to the woods to collect wild SISNU with a pair of forceps.
These days, I know a lot off rich urban folks paying handsome for a small grab. They say it has medicinal values against diabetes, uric acid levels, joint pains, etc. With some garlic and onions for the flavor and think paste curry as the finished dish on the table, they sure make a tasty recipe. But unless you know really well, how to cook, you will not be able to taste its flavor!




One thought on “Sting!

  1. It also used to be a staple discipline maker for my mom. Believe me i used to taste this sting almost every next day in my skin when I was a kid… 🙂

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