Dear DEER!

I always wonder what a deer must think about himself and his antlers (females do not have antlers…). I wonder if they think its a strong enough weapon to defend themselves against tigers and wolves that strike upon their herds and kill the weaklings. I wonder if they know that they would never need to run off as long as their numbers are higher than that in the tigers’ pride (which is always the case as you can see in any NAT GEO documentary involving a tiger killing a deer). I wonder if they really understand the power of unity. And on that note, I think if humans do too. For if they did, tyranny would not be a part of human history. Neither would bullying at schools or things like that… I was at the zoo last week and this is a thought that ran through my mind when I saw this deer sitting down on that very hot afternoon… deer


4 thoughts on “Dear DEER!

  1. I went to a zoo a few weeks ago but it was small and scruffy. It was the zoo in Tbilisi, Georgia. I visited the zoo in Jawalakhel but it was donkeys years ago. One day I’ll take the family down to Jawalakhel to wander around Kathmandu’s zoo.

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