एनिग्मा !


Sometimes you capture images of people in weird poses even the subjects can’t explain if they were asked what they were doing at that point in time.

I don’t know what this kid was doing with the younger kid’s head and what his other hand is posed for; but I know its a little weird and a lot more interesting.

Title for the picture?
Recommendations anyone?


Mountain Biking

This post is dedicated especially for Ayush – my nephew!
He plans to come to Nepal for a mountain biking experience this June.

Just wanted to share what he could have in store waiting for him, if things go as planned…


Gufa Pokhari


I was at Taplejung a few years ago. Been to a lot of places after that, taken a lot of pictures with some really appreciated as well. But I can’t help turning back to these pictures and wishing to be back there someday soon.

I’d been there for an adventure, but the touch of nature’s beauty with complacent village experience is what I received.